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Quality control

Currency of information

PHCRIS aims to ensure the currency and accuracy of information made available on the PHCRIS website. This is done through extensive environmental scanning and quality data checking.

Research Profiles, EventsNews items and Resources are continually being added and updated. Use the searchable database consisting of over 30,000 records to find out what's new or go to What's new on the PHCRIS website to view details for new information, activities and products recently added to the PHCRIS Website.

Web Development

The day-to-day maintenance (including currency, accuracy, content inclusion and quality control) of the PHCRIS website is performed by the Website Coordinator, with help from the Information Systems Manager and Web Programmers. However, PHCRIS also have a web development team, who meet to oversee and discuss major changes, projects and activities related to the PHCRIS website.

Guidelines and protocols

The PHCRIS website adheres to many web standards and protocols, including the Guidelines for Commonwealth Information Published in Electronic Formats. The PHCRIS website is endorsed by Health On Net (HON), which means it meets the Eight Principles of the HON Code of Conduct (HON 2003) and is reviewed regularly. The HON symbol is displayed on the PHCRIS website and more information about the endorsement can be found at

The PHCRIS website adheres to a series of internal publishing protocols, including standardised formatting, design and linking, much of which is controlled through cascading style sheets. This ensures consistency in design and layout throughout the website.

Accessibility for all users

PHCRIS is committed to providing a website to the widest possible audience and make every effort to ensure it is as accessible as possible to those with unique needs.

We acknowledge that not all content will have the same level of accessibility for all users.

Areas where we have been able to enhance accessibility include the following:

  • For the PHC Search Filter, PHCRIS produced an audio-visual demonstration of how to use the PHC Search Filter.
  • Delayed streaming of sessions from the PHC Research Conferences are included on the website.
  • Where suitable PHCRIS publications are available in HTML as well as other formats.

If you have any difficulties, questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact us.

Evaluation of content and links to external websites

The content included on the PHCRIS website, including links to external organisations, has been evaluated by PHCRIS staff and according to the main criteria of: accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency and coverage. PHCRIS seeks opinions and feedback about content from key stakeholders within relevant targetted fields.

Some resources used to develop our criteria are:

All links contained in the PHCRIS website are also periodically checked to ensure accuracy.

The PHCRIS website does not host or receive funding from any form of advertisement.