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Information on the PHCRIS website can be found quickly using the "pre-prepared" topic searches below. We’ve done the leg work for you across a range of common search terms so you’ll get more hits that are relevant to your area of interest in less time. To get started, simply click on a topic below or use the search filter to the right.

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About Topic Searches

Our "pre-prepared" topic searches are intended to be used as an initial gateway to the wide range of data captured on the PHCRIS website. This data is either produced by PHCRIS directly or captured from a range of external sources within the primary health care sector.

Topic Searches offer suggested search terms only: you should feel free to refine our search terms or try new search terms of your own.

Many topic searches are based on health reform and other key areas. View background information about the development of Topic Searches.

PHCRIS welcomes input from all stakeholders.

Can I suggest new search terms?

Yes! Please contact PHCRIS on 1800 025 882 or via email at with your search ideas.

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