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Research Profiles

Promote a research activity

Submit details of an Australian Primary Health Care research activity to be included Australia’s only online platform, Research Profiles.

Research activity may include:

  • Journal article
  • Report
  • Book chapter
  • Conference Presentation (including posters and workshops)
  • Blog entry
  • Thesis

To submit a research activity you must have a Research Profile.

  • If you don't have a Research Profile with PHCRIS we encourage you to create one.
  • Not sure if you have a Research Profile? Search to find out!
  • If you do have a Research Profile with PHCRIS login to contribute.

Benefits of having a Research Profile include:

  • Your areas of research expertise will be promoted
  • Potential future collaborators, research users, mentors and policy makers can contact you about your research.
  • Enables others to expand on your work rather than duplicating your effort.