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Knowledge Exchange (KE) Insights Workshop—Research Higher Degree students and Early Career Researchers

2016 PHC Research Conference: Workshop abstract

Christina Hagger*, Kerri Kellett*, Amanda Carne*

* Asterisk indicates presenting author

Target audience
Research Higher Degree candidates (PhD, Masters, Honours), academic registrars and Early Career Researchers.
The KE Insights Workshop is for HD students/ECRs who want their research to have an impact beyond publication. The workshop introduces the KE mindset and focuses on developing an understanding of the value of research as a resource. Participants will learn the benefits of cultivating an outward facing perspective beyond academic circles.

Despite growing recognition of the value of a KE perspective, emerging researchers rarely receive training about working effectively with research users to help strengthen their research; increase its relevance, and offer a return on investment.
Context and aims
1. Encourage a philosophy of KE early in researchers’ careers so they understand the value as well as the complexity of utilising research.
2. Develop an understanding of the complexity of the interplay between research, policy and practice.
3. Introduce some KE resources, tools and strategies.
4. Expand the network of future research leaders who seek to deliver better value from their research.
Audience participation
Participants will:
1. hear policy, practice and consumer perspectives on utilising research as a resource
2. discuss their research in small groups to scope their research users; assess the value of their research for them, and identify strategies for engagement—from grant application to dissemination
3. network with emerging researchers in PHC.
Anticipated outcomes
Participants will:
1. understand ways to develop the value of their research as a resource
2. know how to access a suite of tools to assist their KE strategies
3. join a network of future research leaders who understand the importance of KE.
Presentation type
Session details
11:15am Thursday 09 June 2016, Convention Centre Canberra - Torrens Room
Hagger C, Kellett K, Carne A. (2016). Knowledge Exchange (KE) Insights Workshop—Research Higher Degree students and Early Career Researchers . In: 2016 Primary Health Care Research Conference: Program & Abstracts. Primary Health Care Research and Information Service, Australia.

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