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Managing Two Worlds Together: city hospital care for country Aboriginal people

2015 PHC Research Conference: Paper abstract

Aims & rationale
The aim of the study was to develop, refine and evaluate a set of Aboriginal patient journey mapping tools for use in health care and education. The rationale was that existing tools could be adapted and tested to enable staff to map Aboriginal patient journeys across a range of health care and geographic settings.
The Managing Two Worlds Together research team worked with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal clinical, education and support staff (co-researchers) in cardiac, renal, midwifery, city and rural and remote sites in South Australia and the Northern Territory to map patient journeys. Staff were supported to modify and adapt the tools to more accurately record the perspectives and priorities of local patients, family members, staff and health care units. Gaps in care were identified, and strategies and actions plans devised. Each patient journey was written into a case study.
Using tools to map the entire patient journey and journey experience in a structured and organised way enabled critical steps, gaps and responses to be highlighted, thus providing a focus for targeted action by health care providers and educators. In particular, specific communication, coordination and collaboration gaps were identified, requiring both localised, and system wide responses.
Relevance to policy, research and/or practice needs
A set of tools that consist of central core elements, with flexible adaptations for specific sites, is highly applicable for a range of settings and uses. These tools can become a communication tool for staff to identify issues and also be adapted for use by students, managers and policy makers.
Presentation type
Session theme
Indigenous health
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Session details
10:15am Friday 31 July 2015, Adelaide Convention Centre - Riverbank 6
Kelly J, Dwyer J, Pekarsky B, Mackean T, O'Donnell K, Willis E. (2015). Managing Two Worlds Together: city hospital care for country Aboriginal people. In: 2015 Primary Health Care Research Conference: Program & Abstracts. Primary Health Care Research and Information Service, Australia.

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