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Transforming Health: Shaping the Research


Transforming Health is an investment in the South Australian health system. It seeks to systematically re-engineer the system, to unlock capacity and deliver genuine, sustainable improvements in the way in which health care is delivered, and patient outcomes. The initial focus is on the tertiary sector, but flow-on effects will impact primary health care and aged care services.

The Shaping the Research Agenda Workshop was a joint initiative of the Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand (HSRAANZ); the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI); Cancer Voices, and the Primary Health Care Research & Information Service (PHCRIS). The workshop sought bold ideas from researchers and research users to inform the implementation and evaluation of the Transforming Health initiative.

Thirty two research ideas were submitted, with eight chosen for presentation at the workshop. Speakers included hospital clinicians, general practitioners, researchers, consumers and educators, covering topics ranging from end of life and palliative care; patient journey mapping; health care modelling; evaluation strategies, and clinical education.

Recordings were taken at this workshop and can be viewed via the links below.

Agenda 1: Introduction - Ellen McIntyre
Agenda 2: Dorothy Keefe
Agenda 3: Steve Wesseling
Agenda 4: Jonathon Karnon
Agenda 5: Janet Kelly
Agenda 6: Odette Gibson
Agenda 7: Robert Adams
Agenda 8: Isuru Ranasinge
Agenda 9: Anna Gregory
Agenda 10: Gregory Crawford
Agenda 11: Koshila Kumar
Agenda 12: Conclusions - Dorothy Keefe

July 2015
last updated: Nov 17 2015

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