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Next-Generation Data Opportunities Supporting Medicare Local Objectives

2012 PHC Research Conference: Paper abstract

Aims & rationale/Objectives
Since 2006, the University of Melbourne has been researching tools to support record-linked audit, surveillance and research across organisational boundaries - including General Practice, Allied Health Care, Hospital, Laboratory and Pharmacy domains. Previously almost all audit and research involving General Practice has utilised aggregated and de-identified data. The rationale has been to allow policy makers, implementers and researchers to investigate any type of patient interaction across any domain by resolving the privacy and technical issues involved.
To meet the challenges of providing data across organisational domains, many issues must be addressed - all must be resolved. Failure to address any one issue is a failure to provide a complete solution. Issues that were identified and resolved by the University are: Legal compliance, patient consent (waiver, opt-in and opt-out processes), support for almost any database (BP, Communicare, GENIE, MD2/MD3, MedTech32, Practix, Zedmed, Pharmacy, Labs, MS-Access...), security, privacy-protecting record linkage, supportability, specific study/project protocol support. The University of Melbourne has developed the GRHANITE™ system that addresses each of these concerns providing a complete data acquisition solution.
There are now 3 Universities, over 120 GP surgeries, family planning clinics, AMS’s and laboratories utilising GRHANITE™ and GRHANITE™ record linkage as part of major NHMRC and DoHA initiatives with another 100 installations planned by June 2012.
As Medicare Locals develop, GRHANITE™ has the capacity to support them in planning, implementation, coordination and clinical outcome monitoring including 'too-hard-box' areas such as doctor shopping, drug concordance and journey of care tracking.
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Building research capacity
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Boyle D. (2012). Next-Generation Data Opportunities Supporting Medicare Local Objectives. In: 2012 Primary Health Care Research Conference: Program & Abstracts. Primary Health Care Research and Information Service, Australia.

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