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Moving Forwards Together: Urban Aboriginal women's primary health care and wellbeing.

2008 GP & PHC Research Conference: Paper abstract

Aims & rationale/Objectives
This research explored ways that urban health professionals could best work WITH Aboriginal women toward improved access to comprehensive primary health care. Collaborative and culturally safe programs are needed in urban as well as rural and remote areas.
Participatory Action Research (PAR) informed by postcolonial theories, feminisms and Indigenous methodologies brought together personal, practice, academic and research knowledge. PAR cycles of Look and LIsten, Think and Discuss and Take Action were used. Method included community consultations, interviews, focus groups, thematic analysis, negotiation and collaborative action.
The provision of holistic primary health care and women's health information for Aboriginal women, many of whom have complex acute and chronic health needs is a difficult task. Short term funding, ineffective communication and inadequate resources increases community and worker's frustration and despair. Despite this, effective health care is being provided. PAR enabled us to effectively pool our resources, knowledges and energy and improve Aboriginal women's access to local comprehensive primary health care and information in ways that were positve for us all.
Basing our work in two way learning (Ganma) and deep listening (Dadirri) enabled us ALL to benefit. At this time of increased national awareness of past and present colonisation effects (the National Apology), the concept of WORKING TOGETHER is both profound and necessary. This research shares practical and pragmatic ways that Aboriginal specific and mainstream health, education, academic and research services can work together.
Presentation type
Session theme
Partnerships and Collaborations 1
Open document.  PDF 477.3 Kb
Kelly J. (2008). Moving Forwards Together: Urban Aboriginal women's primary health care and wellbeing.. In: 2008 General Practice and Primary Health Care Research Conference: Program & Abstracts. Primary Health Care Research and Information Service, Australia.

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