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Fact Sheet: Multimedia conference presentations

February 2014
Designing a great multimedia presentation is an art in itself. We have put together a few guidelines you might like to keep in mind when you are creating your next presentation. You will find the following tips most relevant for 10 minute conference presentations. The step-by-step points are specific to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.
[Original: Apr 2009 | Revised: Oct 2011 | Revised & Renamed: Feb 2014]
Nisbet S, Hordacre AL, Keane M, Lowcay B, Magarey A, Martus B, McIntyre E, Osman E, Ried K, Drake P, Jackson Bowers E, Brown L, Baird O. (2014). Fact Sheet: Multimedia conference presentations. Adelaide: Primary Health Care Research & Information Service.

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