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Fact Sheet: Collaborative partnerships in research

February 2014
Collaborative partnerships between researchers, practitioners, decision makers, consumers and community members can strengthen research. They can enhance the relevance of research questions, ensure that the research methods are appropriate and feasible, and improve the chances of research funding. These partnerships can also aid the translation of research results into practice and policy, as well as contribute to faster development of the body of research and a research culture. Collaborations occur to enable sharing of different perspectives, skills, resources and other attributes that contribute to effectively addressing the research problem.
[Original: Jun 2005 | Reprint: May 2007 | Revised: April 2009 Reprint: June 2011 | Revised: February 2014]
McIntyre E, Jackson Bowers E, Kalucy E, Beacham B, Raven M. (2014). Fact Sheet: Collaborative partnerships in research (5th edn). Adelaide: Primary Health Care Research and Information Service.

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