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Key aspects related to implementation of risk stratification in health care systems - The ASSEHS study

Journal article

Based on findings from the Activation of Stratification Strategies and Results of the interventions on frail patients of Healthcare Services (ASSEHS) EU project, this paper describes variables that make the implementation of population risk stratification tools feasible in different healthcare services. The authors discuss a Feasibility Framework centring on two dimensions: a) planning, deployment and change management (i.e., communication, training and mutual learning, multidisciplinary nature of the team, clinicians’ engagement, operational plan, ICT display and functionalities), and b) care intervention (i.e., case finding, selection of target population, pathway definition and quality improvement). [Abstract précis by PHCRIS]

Author/ Contributor
Joana Mora, Miren David Iturralde, Lucía Prieto, Cristina Domingo, Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Catalina Martínez-Carazo, et al.
Journal name and issue
BMC Health Services Research, 17: 331
May 2017
This Journal article also featured in This Week in PHC Issue: 18 May 2017
last updated: May 18 2017

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