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Leading across the health and care system: Lessons from experience


As the NHS seeks to move away from competition towards integration and to develop new models of care, individuals and organisations across the health and care system need to learn to work together to make the best use of collective skills and knowledge.

This paper offers those who are leading new systems of care some guidance on how to address the challenges they face. It draws on the Fund’s work on the development of new care models, sustainability and transformation plans, and accountable care organisations. It is also informed by the experience of people who have occupied system leadership roles and draws on case studies from our research and organisational development work.

Author/ Contributor
Sally Hulks, Nicola Walsh, Marcus Powell, Chris Ham, Hugh Alderwick
May 2017
This Report also featured in This Week in PHC Issue: 18 May 2017
last updated: May 18 2017

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