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Becoming a clinician researcher in allied health

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Combining research and clinical practice has benefits for health services and practitioners, but there is limited information as to the strategies used by health professionals to balance research with high clinical service demands. Based on data from semi-structured, recursive-style interviews, this Queensland study a) investigated how research is initiated and b) identified the factors that influence the successful integration of research into a clinical work role. Findings illustrated that becoming a clinical researcher involved four key phases, namely, a research debut, building momentum, developing a track record and becoming an established clinical researcher. The authors conclude that understanding this career trajectory may help to inform future strategies to support research capacity building. [Abstract précis by PHCRIS]

Journal name and issue
Australian Health Review, 40(5), 562-569. doi:10.1071/AH15174
This Journal article also featured in This Week in PHC Issue: 27 October 2016
last updated: Oct 27 2016

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