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Can increased primary care access reduce demand for emergency care? Evidence from England's 7-day GP opening

Journal article

With an understanding that restricted access to primary care can lead to increased use of expensive (and avoidable) emergency care, the UK has piloted 7-day opening of general practices to improve primary care access. This paper presents an evaluation of the impact of these pilots on patient attendances at hospital Accident & Emergency units. Findings indicate that such attendances reduced by 9.9% as a result of the 7-day GP opening. The authors highlight evidence in support of a causal interpretation of their results and discuss policy implications. [Abstract précis by PHCRIS]

Author/ Contributor
Peter Doltona, Vikram Pathania
Journal name and issue
Journal of Health Economics, Available online 15 June 2016
In Press
This Journal article also featured in This Week in PHC Issue: 11 August 2016
last updated: Aug 11 2016

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