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Is bigger better? Lessons for large-scale general practice


Traditional general practice is changing. Three quarters of practices are now working collaboratively in larger-scale organisations – albeit with varying degrees of ambition. Policy-makers and practitioners have high hopes for these organisations, and their potential to transform services both within primary care and beyond. But can we be confident that they can live up to these expectations?

This research report is drawn from a 15-month study of large-scale general practice organisations in England. The study examined the factors affecting their evolution and their impact on quality, staff and patient experience. It was informed by an extensive literature review, which will be published separately, and combined national surveys with in-depth case studies of contrasting, large-scale general practice organisations and analysis of 15 quality indicators.

Author/ Contributor
Rebecca Rosen, Stephanie Kumpunen, Natasha Curry, Alisha Davies, Luisa Pettigrew, Lucia Kossarova
July 2016
This Report also featured in This Week in PHC Issue: 11 August 2016
last updated: Aug 11 2016

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