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Community participation in health service reform: the development of an innovative remote Aboriginal primary health-care service

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According to the authors, despite a long history of health policies designed to bring about improvements in the health status of remote Aboriginal communities, poor health outcomes persist and the provision of sustainable, appropriate health-care services to small isolated communities is challenging. The authors sought to describe the reorientation of a remote primary health-care service, in the Kimberley region of Australia, its impact on access to services and the factors instrumental in bringing about sustainable change in health-care provision. This case study highlights what is possible and necessary to deliver appropriate and accessible primary health care in communities seeking to align services with local needs. [Abstract précis by PHCRIS] 

Journal name and issue
Australian Journal of Primary Health, Published online 29 January 2015
This Journal article also featured in This Week in PHC Issue: 02 April 2015
last updated: Apr 02 2015

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