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The PHCRIS research team provides a number of research services to help you navigate the world of primary health care research and evidence. Find easy to read abstracts from the latest research and reports from Australia and around the world, search by topic, or by using our PubMed Filter, or delve deeper into the issues with our synthesised research reports.

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Research synthesis from PHCRIS

Policy Issue Review

Topical Australian health policy issues synthesised with the latest primary health care research

Report These comprehensive 25–50 page reports produced by the PHCRIS research team delve deeply into key priority areas in primary health care.

Summary These 3–5 page summaries of the larger Policy Issue Review reports, produced by the PHCRIS research team, cover key priority areas in an easy to access format.

Main messages These 1–2 page summaries cover the main messages from the full reports.

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These 2 page reports produced by the PHCRIS research team are succinct summaries and analyses of research relevant to key Australian Government health policy directions.


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Given the complexities of the research evidence environment, search filters have been introduced to help researchers and research users to navigate a broad spectrum of topics and fields of interest. These evidence-based filters offer a standardised, systematic, subject-based search and result in a known level of performance. The PHC Search Filter, which runs through the PubMed database is specific to primary health care and facilitates easier access to PHC resources.

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Research Profiles

Want to connect with the primary health care research community? Share your research outcomes, or get involved in ongoing research.

PHCRIS Research Profiles allow you to share your research and access research information from your peers – encouraging knowledge exchange, research development and information sharing.

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PHCRIS values all research information, knowledge, ideas and outcomes. Visit the Resources page for guides on how to get started in research, videos, posters, presentations and other useful literature.

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