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PHCRIS Policy Issue Review

Examining topical policy-relevant issues in primary health care by synthesising recent research relevant to key directions in Australian health policy.

May 2014
PHCRIS Policy Issue Review: Quality improvement financial incentives for general practitioners
This Policy Issue Review explores recent findings about financial incentives that encourage improvements in the quality and safety of care delivered in general practice. International comparisons across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States are included.
Oliver-Baxter J, Brown L, Raven M, Bywood P. (2014). Quality improvement financial incentives for general practitioners. PHCRIS Policy Issue Review. Adelaide: Primary Health Care Research & Information Service.

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Readers' comments

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Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 20/5/2014 - 11:48

I wonder what this all means in light of the 2014-15 Budget? Will the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) be affected?

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