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The Australian Institute for Primary Care adds ‘Ageing’ to its name

PHCRIS Infonet, Volume 15, Issue 3, February 2011, ISBN 1832 620X
Jenny Macmillan, Senior Project Manager, Australian Institute for Primary Care & Ageing

Australian Institute for Primary Care & Ageing The Australian Institute for Primary Care & Ageing (AIPCA) has been formed, following the recent amalgamation at La Trobe University of the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care and the John Richards Initiative with the Australian Institute for Primary Care.

AIPCA builds on a 15-year track record of research and consultancy, including:

  • fundamental research
  • evaluation/applied research
  • systematic reviews
  • policy analysis
  • analysis of large data sets
  • quality and standards development and monitoring
  • the ethical use of assistive technology and
  • translation of knowledge into policy and practice.

Key areas of interest are health services and systems development - with particular focus on aged care and primary health - the role of e‑health, and consumer participation and self-determination in health.

Affiliated centres within AIPCA include:

Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care - person-centred, interdisciplinary, evidence based practice in aged and dementia care

Centre for Health Communication and Participation - communication with and participation by consumers and carers, through evidence-informed policy and decision-making

Centre for Health Systems Development - research and evaluation services across the health system

e-Health Unit - use and impact of information and communication technologies in primary health and aged care

John Richards Initiative - rural aged care services and workforce issues

Lincoln Centre for Research on Ageing - multidisciplinary understanding of the health, wellbeing and care of older people

Quality Improvement and Community Services Accreditation - establishment, maintenance and promotion of effective continuous quality improvement in community health services, primary care and related organisations.

The Quality Improvement Council also operates from and collaborates with AIPCA.

AIPCA continues to influence health policy through the ongoing management of the Australian Journal of Primary Health. Collaboration and engagement with stakeholders is also important for the Institute and AIPCA's Centre for Health Systems Development convenes both the National and Victorian Primary and Community Health Networks.

Visit <> for more information about AIPCA.

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