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Volume 15, Issue 6, August 2011, ISBN 1832 620X

Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4)

Katie Shaw, Research & Communication Coordinator Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group

PC4 Bolsters Cancer Research in Primary Care
PC4 is the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group funded by Cancer Australia to 2013 to develop cancer research in primary care. Since 2009 PC4 has mentored researchers, facilitated international collaborations, and bolstered research capacity for its growing portfolio of cancer clinical trials.

To balance its scope across the cancer continuum, PC4 recently formed three Scientific Working Groups in: Prevention and Early Diagnosis, Shared Care and Survivorship, and End-of-Life Care.

In order to build capacity and partnerships for its members, PC4’s aims and activities are to:

  • foster patient-centred research: PC4 established its Joint Consumer Advisory Group in partnership with the Psycho-Oncology Co-operative Research Group (PoCoG)
  • enable the development of pre-trial studies: Concept Development Workshops provide new investigators a forum for expert feedback
  • provide specialist research services: Members have access to experts at Cancer Australia’s Clinical Trial Development Unit and Chair in Quality of Life, and the Cancer Research Economics Support Team
  • up-skill and train researchers: PC4 conducts workshops on clinical trials in primary care and sponsors members to attend external educational workshops
  • mentor: The PC4/RACGP Training Award funds a new investigator each year
  • initiate research: PC4 developed a study on shared care follow up of men with prostate cancer in primary care, ProCare (now funded by NHMRC), and aims to initiate future research.

PC4 offers its nearly 200 members assistance in developing research concepts, recruiting potential collaborators (researchers, health professionals and consumers), providing scientific and consumer review of proposals, and coordinating access to specialist support.

Registration for membership is open and free. To gain access to PC4’s services, join online at: <>

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