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What PHCRIS achieved in 2009: highlights from the Annual Report

PHCRIS Infonet, Volume 14, Issue 5, June 2010, ISBN 1832 620X
Fae Heaselgrave, PHCRIS

What PHCRIS achieved in 2009: highlights from the Annual ReportThe 2009 PHCRIS Annual Report will be available at the Primary Health Care Research Conference in Darwin later this month as well as online. These highlights indicate what a productive year we had.


  • Sent out PHCRIS eBulletin weekly to 1 839 subscribers
  • Undertook an applied research project to establish the contribution of primary health care research to health reform processes in Australia
  • Completed three rapid response research projects for the Department on topics of policy relevance
  • Evaluated the extent to which the Researcher Development Program impacted on knowledge, attitudes and practice in relation to research
  • Published the bi-monthly newsletter PHCRIS infonet, which was sent toover 1 000 hard copy subscribers and over 1 200 electronic subscribers
  • Produced a Summary Data report on the Annual Survey of Divisions 2007–08
  • Produced the first Divisions Performance Indicator reports by analysing data from national Performance Indicators and the Annual Survey of Divisions.


  • Continually updated and enhanced the design and functionality of the website which, in 2009, had average monthly hits of 39 864, over 8 000 more than the monthly hits in 2008
  • Merged Register Of Australian primary health care Research (ROAR) profiles with ROAR projects and 2009 GP & PHC Research Conference abstracts, bringing the total number of ROAR profiles to just over 2 500
  • Responded to over 2 000 enquiries from stakeholders by phone, email and in person
  • Supported Divisions Networks and State Based Organisations by enhancing the planning and reporting online system.


  • Distributed over 500 copies of Snapshot of Australian primary health care research 2009, which also had 434 downloads from the PHCRIS website
  • Produced seven electronic issues of RESEARCH ROUNDup
  • Published five peer reviewed journal articles
  • Convened the GP & PHC Research Conference with the theme, Driving Change, in Melbourne 15‑17 July 2009 - over 450 delegates attended to hear from 150 speakers from Australia and overseas about primary health care research, evaluation and development.
  • Conducted and evaluated a knowledge brokering project for the Department as the basis for further work, in collaboration with APHCRI
  • Conducted a stakeholder survey to assess awareness and usefulness of PHCRIS paper-based and web-based resources
  • Organised consultation workshops in five Australian States for phase three of the PHCRED Strategy
  • Facilitated an exchange of information and knowledge between researchers and policy advisors by convening three knowledge brokering meetings.

The full report will soon be available from <>

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