Volume 12, Issue 3, February 2008, ISBN 1832 620X

WebsiteWatch: Navigating Australian health policy

Kylie Dixon, PHCRIS

Australian Policy Online (APO)

Offering fast access to much of the Australian social, economic, cultural and political research available on-line the APO acts as an on-line gateway for Australian research in public policy. This site provides direct links to research from over 160 centres and institutes around Australia, giving researchers, journalists, librarians, students and others access to the most up-to-date research and analysis in a broad range of policy areas.

Australian Institute of Health Policy Studies (AIHPS)

Devoted to studying the ways in which health policy can improve the health of all Australians, this national institute aims to improve Australia's capacity for health policy research and to contribute to improved interaction between the relevant government, non-government and health industry partners. Visit this website to find out about upcoming roundtables, seminars and workshops as well as information and resources on various aspects of issues in health policy.

Australian Health Policy Institute (AHPI)

The AHPI is Australia's premier academic contributor to national and international policies that sustain and improve people's health. Their website offers the latest news, details of upcoming events as well as policy briefing papers and a series of health policy analysis projects examining major contemporary policy topics.

The Centre for Health Policy, Programs and Economics (CHPPE)

The CHPPE is a multidisciplinary group with expertise in health policy and program evaluation, health economics, epidemiology, clinical medicine, social sciences and research methodology. The centre offers graduate health professionals the opportunity to pursue further study through both course work or research higher degrees, and professional short courses. Details are available on their website along with a list of upcoming seminars.

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