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ROAR: A tool for collaboration

PHCRIS Infonet, Volume 11, Issue 5, June 2007, ISBN 1832 620X
Dr Gerhard Winter, PHCRIS

A great research idea, but what now?
A bright idea may be a crucial start to a research project but it is by no means the sole key to success. The positive outcome of a research initiative often depends heavily on the right framework of researchers and institutions supporting the research process. This is recognised by funding bodies that often merit effective supporting infrastructure as much as the principal research idea of a proposal.

How can I find collaborators?
Particularly for researchers in Australian primary health care (PHC), potential collaborators can be hard to find as they are frequently spread across the country and are not always associated with a larger research institution. In addition, PHC research in progress may not yet be published, an impediment to finding like minded colleagues by scanning the literature.

This is where the Register Of Australian primary health care Research (ROAR) can help you. ROAR is an online database that currently profiles 281 PHC researchers involved in 528 listed projects. To find collaborators you can use the ROAR search function to scan the interests of listed researchers. Alternatively, you can use the same search function to scan current projects that complement your research.

For now, the search function in ROAR requires you to create appropriate search words. In the near future, ROAR will categorise projects and profiles to enable filtering of researchers and research by topic and provide you with preformed key words to assist you in your search.

Find and be found
Establishing collaborations is not a one way street. You may have a project and need researchers or your research could support the projects of others. Why hide your light under a bushel? Submitting your up-to-date profile and your research projects to ROAR is an ideal way to promote yourself and your research to like minded colleagues.

For further information contact:
Dr Gerhard Winter
Research Associate

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