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Results of the 2006-07 Annual Survey of Divisions (ASD)

The Primary Health Care Research and Information Service (PHCRIS) conducts the Annual Survey of Divisions (ASD) on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. As part of their contractual obligations, all Divisions of General Practice are required to complete the Survey which includes questions about their membership, activities (including population health) and infrastructure for the previous financial year. Consequently, the results provide a comprehensive overview of Divisions and summarise the broad range of activities that they are involved in.

Hordacre AL, Howard S, Moretti C, Kalucy E. (2008). Moving ahead. Report of the 2006-2007 Annual Survey of Divisions of General Practice. Adelaide: Primary Health Care Research & Information Service, Department of General Practice, Flinders University, and Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

two page summary

The Two Page Summary Moving ahead is a brief summary of the key findings of the 2006-2007 Annual Survey of Divisions. It is available for download in PDF below, or you can order free colour copies from PHCRIS from our publications order form.

  • ASD 06-07 Summary 2-Page Summary Moving ahead [PDF: 448KB]

Full report in one file

This is the full report and appendix in one large PDF file. It may take some time to download. If this is a problem, try downloading the various sections below. Alternatively you can order hard copies from PHCRIS by sending an email to, providing your name and postal address.

  • ASD 06-07 full report Full Report Moving ahead [PDF: 1666KB]

Full report by section

Maps ASD 06-07: Maps [PDF: 289KB]
Executive summary ASD 06-07: Executive Summary [PDF: 47KB]
Key Findings ASD 06-07: Key findings [PDF: 76KB]
Chapter 1: Introduction ASD 06-07: Chapter 1 [PDF: 78KB]
Chapter 2: Method ASD 06-07: Chapter 2 [PDF: 71KB]
Chapter 3: Division Context ASD 06-07: Chapter 3 [PDF: 141KB]
Chapter 4: Governance ASD 06-07: Chapter 4 [PDF: 111KB]
Chapter 5: Prevention and early intervention ASD 06-07: Chapter 5 [PDF: 90KB]
Chapter 6: Access ASD 06-07: Chapter 6 [PDF: 105KB]
Chapter 7: Collaboration & integration ASD 06-07: Chapter 7 [PDF: 86KB]
Chapter 8: Manage chronic disease ASD 06-07: Chapter 8 [PDF: 90KB]
Chapter 9: General Practice support ASD 06-07: Chapter 9 [PDF: 118KB]
Chapter 10: Supporting quality & evidence based care ASD 06-07: Chapter 10 [PDF: 121KB]
Chapter 11: Consumer focus ASD 06-07: Chapter 11 [PDF: 88KB]
Chapter 12: Workforce ASD 06-07: Chapter 12 [PDF: 94KB]
Chapter 13: The Divisions Network (& RWA) ASD 06-07: Chapter 13 [PDF: 151KB]
Appendix A: Annual Survey of Divisions 2006-07 ASD 06-07: Appendix [PDF: 269KB]


Feedback to Divisions

Once Divisions submit the ASD, PHCRIS collates, checks and analyses these data. Upon completion of this process, each Division is provided with a confidential report summarising their responses. Divisions were sent a copy of their 2006-07 summary report on 10 December 2007.

Divisions were invited to check their report and inform PHCRIS of any data errors or anomalies. For the 2006-07 data, approximately 20% of Divisions advised us of changes; a final updated report was then sent to respective Division's CEOs and Boards on 17 January 2008.