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Division Mapping Tool

Map of Australian Divisions of General Practice Activities

Between July 2011 and July 2012 the Australian Government's National Health Reform saw the Divisions of General Practice Network (which at the time included 108 Divisions, six State Based Organisations and the national organisation AGPN) evolve into a network of Medicare Locals. For information about the process of establishing Medicare Locals, their function and the impact of this change on various stakeholders please visit the Medicare Local Guide - therefore comparing Divisions data after 2010-11 reporting period should be done with caution.

The Division boundaries and data represented here reflect the 2010-11 reporting period.

Please note that not all questions from the ASD are shown in the mapping tool. Questions where the majority of Divisions respond in the same way (e.g. 100% of Divisions engaged in a particular activity) are less suitable for the mapping tool

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Division key characteristics (demographic information) RRMA

Data source: 2010-11 ASD


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This Division Mapping Tool allows you to view a selection of data collected as part of the 2010-11 Annual Survey of Divisions (ASD). Choose a data set to graph from the drop-down menu at the top of this page, above the map of Australia.


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In August 2008 new Division boundaries were established.

On 1 July 2008, Divisions 801 and 802 (Primary Health Care NT/Top End Division of General Practice and Central Australian Division of Primary Health Care/General Practice) became a single organisation named General Practice Network NT Ltd (GPNNT).

Division 241, Barrier Division of General Practice, ceased operating 30 June 2008 and was incorporated into the Riverina Division of General Practice and Primary Health Ltd (228).

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The numbers on the maps are Division ID numbers. To find out the Division name and other details please go to the Division profiles page.