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Annual Survey of Divisions (ASD) : 1993-2012

Between July 2011 and July 2012 the Australian Government's National Health Reform saw the Divisions of General Practice Network (which at the time included 108 Divisions, six State Based Organisations and the national organisation AGPN) evolve into a network of Medicare Locals. For information about the process of establishing Medicare Locals, their function and the impact of this change on various stakeholders please visit the Medicare Local Guide - therefore comparing Divisions data after 2010-11 reporting period should be done with caution.

The Annual Survey of Divisions (ASD) was comprehensive survey completed by all Divisions of General Practice in Australia to collect information on their membership, activities and infrastructure for the requested reporting period.

Divisions were surveyed every year since 1993-1994, except for the financial year 1996-1997. The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing contracted PHCRIS to conduct the ASD from the financial year 1997-1998 through to the final ASD, financial year 2011-2012.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all the Divisions of General Practice who participated in this annual survey for the 20 years it had been operating.

Data from the ASD is presented in a variety of formats to provide valuable information regarding Divisions' activities

ASD Report series
Results providing an overview of Divisions activities are published in an annual report.

Fast Facts
Looking for information about primary health care in a hurry?  These information snapshots show trends over time and provide a whole new way of looking at Annual Survey of Divisions data.

Key Characteristics Spreadsheet
Characteristics fundamental toDivisions, such as their population and number of GPs, are displayed in one easy to read spreadsheet. Data are current to 2010-11 and date back to 2002.

Mapping Tool
Designed to help identify Divisions conducting similar programs and activities. This mapping tool allows you to view a selection of data collected as part of the ASD.

Benchmarking Tool 
A table to facilitatebenchmarking helping Divisions of General Practice to identify other Divisions with the same demographic 

ASD Tables and Figures Search
View dynamic links to statistical data obtained by the PHCRIS Annual Survey of Divisions of General Practice.

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