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PHCRED Grants and awards

The PHCRED Strategy also funds a variety of primary health care research grants and awards administered through the NHMRC. These programs provide research training and experience for early, mid and senior level researchers and include the funding of both investigator and priority driven research relevant to both policy and practice.

Visit Research Profiles (formerly ROAR - Register Of Australian primary health care Research) for a growing list of current and completed PHCRED funded projects.

NHMRC/PHCRED Fellowships

The Australian Governement Department of Health, through the PHCRED Strategy, are supporting a number of post doctoral Career Development Fellowships (CDFs) for the 2012-2015 award period. These post doctoral fellowships are an outcome from the October 2010 PHCRED Phase 3 Australia wide consultations. The fellowships are administered by the NHMRC.

Details of the 2011 successful recipients are available on the NHMRC website or via Research Profiles.

Grants for primary health care research

In May 2007 the Australian Government announced more than $10 million in grants for primary health care research as part of the Government's PHCRED Strategy.

PHCRED Senior/Mid-Career Research Fellowships

The PHCRED Senior/Mid-Career Research Fellowship program was developed to provide an opportunity for outstanding researchers currently working on programs of primary health care research who wish to take time out from their academic duties to focus on their research careers. Successful applicants for these Fellowships (available on a full-time basis for a period of 4 years) were announced in May 2007 (view media release containing a list of these successful applicants).

View details of these PHCRED Senior/Mid-Career Research Fellows in Research Profiles.

Primary Health Care Scholarships and Fellowships

This program was established in 2001 to provide support for mid-level researchers - those researchers with basic skills, who wish to consolidate and extend their skills and experience. Scholarships aim to encourage primary health care graduates to obtain formal training in primary health care related research, and Fellowships provide support for post-doctoral research.

View awards funded under the program so far:

Primary Health Care Project Grants

The investigator driven research grants provide supplementary funding annually to support high-quality primary health care research proposals from the NHMRC’s existing program of project grants.

View NHMRC Grants funded by PHCRED so far:

Priority Driven General Practice Clinical Research Program

This program aims to build research capacity and expand the knowledge-base in priority areas of clinical General Practice, while at the same time providing a vehicle for the provision of new knowledge to underpin primary health care policy and practice.

Specifically the goals are to:

  • produce new knowledge in clinical General Practice that is high quality, policy- and practice-relevant, and targets agreed priority areas; and
  • build research capacity in clinical General Practice.

Grants currently funded under the program: