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Began operating: Jul 01 2012

Sydney North Shore and Beaches Medicare Local (SNSBML)

Organisation profile

(02) 9432 8200
(02) 9432 8299
Ms Kris Hume
Postal Address
North Shore Office
PO Box 226
Street Address
Suite 1, 154 Pacific Highway
St Leonards, NSW 2065

Divisions Reporting information within/aligned to the region of this Medicare Local

Divisions have reported information as described on the Division Network Reporting page.

There are 2 Divisions within and/or aligned with the boundary of this Medicare Local. They are: Northern Sydney General Practice Network Inc, Manly Warringah Division of General Practice.

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Information including: population demographics, general practice information, health workforce, etc
Executive summaries for each Division within/aligned to the region of this Medicare Local.
National Performance Indicator data for Divisions within/aligned to the region of this Medicare Local.
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The home page where you can choose from ALL available options, including: viewing Division full reports; collaborations; calculations; etc.
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