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PHC News, formerly This Week in PHC (2015–2016), is PHCRIS’ highly informative free eNewsletter, bringing together the latest research and industry information, along with topical articles, opinion pieces and community notices. It is an exceptional resource for anyone involved in, or looking to find out more about, primary health care research in Australia and internationally.

Items highlighted in PHC News are available in the following sections of the PHCRIS website: News, Resources and Research / Evidence.

Do you have primary health care news you would like shared? Use the PHCRIS online submission form to suggest content to be included on the PHCRIS website and featured in this weekly newsletter.

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Prior to 2015, all primary health care research and information was provided to PHCRIS subscribers via a weekly eNewsletter, PHCRIS eBulletin and a bi-monthly magazine, PHCRIS infonet. Final issues of these two resources were sent in December 2014. PHCRIS eBulletin and PHCRIS infonet were combined to become This Week in PHC.

View past issues:

  • PHCRIS eBulletin (2004–2014) A weekly information service that delivered primary health care news straight to your inbox.
  • PHCRIS infonet (2000–2014) A bi-monthly newsletter designed to inform, influence and enhance primary health care practice, policy and research.

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