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Disadvantaged kids star in CPR training videos

14 July 2016

A unique project—CPR videos created by disadvantaged North Coast students in English and Gumbaynnggirr language—is a finalist in the North Coast Primary Health Care Excellence Awards hosted by North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN).

The project was born when students at Kempsey’s Macleay Vocational College were shown videos during a First Aid training workshop run by NCPHN. The kids told NCPHN’s Annie Orenshaw ‘there’s nothing Australian in these videos, it’s all American’.

Indeed, the content was entirely American and even included irrelevant emergency contact numbers.

This got Annie thinking and she realised that a CPR training video starring the kids from the College would be the perfect platform for them to learn more about CPR and to gain some confidence. NCPHN found funds in its budget to produce an Australian CPR training video using a paramedic and the students.

“It was a great opportunity; videographer Sara Momtazian was in charge of filming and allowed the kids to help out with the camera work, lighting and sound,” said Annie.

But the project didn’t end there. Annie’s colleague Helen Lambert thought the kids at Bowraville High School would also benefit from the same experience. Funds were found and a second training clip was made.

Helen said that the remote community of Bowraville had experienced two deaths from drowning, so the students decided their scenario would be a ‘trip and fall incident’ near the river.

“We are very pleased with the result and the film has been shared by the students, who are proud of their achievement. They were also committed to making a culturally competent film and used Gumbaynnggirr language in the script,” said Helen.

NCPHN’s vision is to produce DVDs and distribute them to schools and community organisations.

The award winners will be announced in September.


This news item was featured in This Week in PHC Issue: 14 July 2016.

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