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Transforming Health: Shaping the Research Agenda Workshop

01 October 2015

Transforming Health: Shaping the Research Agenda Workshop
Adelaide SA, 17 July 2015

Transforming Health (TH) is an investment in the health system in South Australia. It is an opportunity to systematically re-engineer a system and deliver genuine, sustainable improvements in the delivery of health care and patient outcomes. As Keynote Speaker, Professor Dorothy Keefe, PSM, Clinical Ambassador for TH noted, it is a commitment to a whole systems approach that moves away from traditional design and operation—it is designed to transcend tribal thinking about ‘our unit’, ‘our hospital’, ‘our $$$’.

The initial focus is on the tertiary sector but flow on effects will impact on primary health care and aged care services.

The TH Shaping the Research Agenda Workshop (held on 17 July) was a joint initiative of the Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand (HSRAANZ); the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI); Cancer Voices; and the Primary Health Care Research & Information Service (PHCRIS).

Thirty two research ideas were submitted, with eight chosen for presentation at the workshop. Speakers included hospital clinicians, general practitioners, researchers, consumers and educators, covering topics ranging from end of life and palliative care; patient journey mapping; health care modelling; evaluation strategies, and clinical education. Over ninety participants registered for the workshop, including health care professionals and managers, researchers and consumers.

In her closing address, Professor Keefe noted the opportunity this workshop provided for moving beyond a ‘closed shop’ approach towards synergies and, above all, sustainable collaborations with researchers and research users as key partners in the implementation and evaluation of TH. Professor Steve Wesselingh, Executive Director of SAHMRI and Honorary Director, Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre, added that whilst TH delivers the formal vision, as well as the goals for system change, it requires collaboration to maximise its value.

TH is a time for transformational change. The TH Shaping the Research Agenda Workshop opens collaborative opportunities for researchers and research users to work together and build collective impact to improve health care delivery and health care outcomes.

This news item was featured in This Week in PHC Issue: 01 October 2015.

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