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Doctors, industry groups entrusted with the keys for a healthy Australia

Published: 18 May 2017

Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association, 9 May 2017

‘Tonight’s Budget is a winner for doctors and pharmacy interests as the Medicare rebate freeze is lifted and a new collaborative approach is embedded in a series of compacts with industry groups, but time will tell whether this will contribute to building a healthy Australia,’ says Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) Chief Executive Alison Verhoeven.

‘Health Minister Greg Hunt has placed substantial trust through formal compacts with five professional groups – the Australian Medical Association, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the Pharmacy Guild, Medicines Australia and the Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association – in a budget which partly overturns horror budgets of the past.

‘It is now up to these groups and the Minister to ensure that this trust, and the funds being directed towards their interests, are well-invested for a healthy Australia.’


This Media release also featured in This Week in PHC Issue: 18 May 2017

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