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Appointment as Minister for Health, Aged Care & Sport

Published: 21 July 2016

The Hon Sussan Ley MP, 18 July 2016
It is an honour to be reappointed as Minister for Health, Aged Care and Sport.

The Turnbull Government has developed a bold and ambitious health reform agenda needed to deliver a first-class, universal health system and I thank the Prime Minister for the opportunity to continue this important work.

This includes protecting the future of Medicare and ensuring it remains universally accessible to all Australians, as well as tackling the growing burden of chronic disease through our Health Care Homes.

This work will continue to be complemented by integrated reforms to mental health, medicines, hospital funding, rural health, aged care, dental, private health insurance, vaccinations, sports participation and preventative health.

This is because I am passionate about ensuring Australians don’t just live longer lives, but healthier ones too.


This Media release also featured in This Week in PHC Issue: 21 July 2016

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