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How to... Access journal articles

Discover ways you can access the full text for health and medical journal articles.

How to... Apply for research funding

Covering a number of issues you need to address when considering your research question and applying for research funding, plus a number of links to resources to further help you

How to... Chair sessions

Useful tips to help you successfully chair sessions

How to... Communicate your research to decision-makers

Providing you with suggestions and resources on how to best present your research to decision-makers

How to... Conduct effective skill-building workshops

Learn how to conduct workshops. Covering planning, during and after the workshop.

How to... Design a great multimedia conference presentation

Providing you with guidelines to assist you with designing a great multimedia presentation

How to... Design posters for maximum impact

Providing you with tips on how to maximise the impact of your poster presentation

How to... Engage with the media

Health and medical research are hot topics in the media. As primary health care researchers it is not only important to communicate your research to the public it is increasingly a requirement of grant funding bodies. This Getting Started Guide offers key information about engaging with the medi…

How to... Get the most out of conferences

Outlining ways you can enhance the experience of attending conferences

How to... Make the most of social media at conferences

Whether you are speaker, delegate, sponsor, exhibitor or event organiser, this Guide has suggestions for using social media at conferences and how to start.

How to... Oral presentations: preparation and delivery

Prepared to assist you with the planning and delivery of your next paper presentation

How to... Produce reader-friendly writing

Providing you with tips and resources to engage the reader and be readable

How to... Publish in Peer Review Journals

Providing you with criteria that has been developed to increase the chances of your paper being published in a peer reviewed journal

How to... Publish your research

Providing you with on-line resources to assist you with getting your work published

How to... Write great abstracts

Writing great abstracts will help the reader decide whether to read your work or attend your presentation. It is thus worth the effort to do this well. We provide tips to assist you with this exercise.

Introduction to... Accessing the Grey Literature

Grey literature is now considered a viable source of reference material in literature reviews but can be hard to find. This guide provides a roadmap to grey literature databases and the appropriate use of 'grey' resources in research.

Introduction to... Collaborative partnerships in research

Collaborations occur to enable a sharing of different perspectives, skills, resources and other attributes that contribute to effectively addressing the research problem. Learn how collaborative partnerships between researchers, practitioners, decision makers, consumers and community members can s…

Introduction to... Consumer involvement in research

Consumer participation resource for researchers: This Guide offers reasons for and ways to involve consumers in research.

Introduction to... Critical appraisal of literature

Explains what critical appraisal is, why it is useful, and tools with which to do it.

Introduction to... Data mapping in primary health

Mapping is an important means of tracking Australian primary health care and identifying gaps in service provision and areas for improvement. This Guide outlines the importance of mapping to tracking Australian primary health care data and contains information and resources for using a geographic i…

Introduction to... Data sources for Primary Health Care

This guide contains a selection of data sources relevant to primary health care are provided to assist you in identifying the most appropriate data to meet your research and planning needs.

Introduction to... Different research designs

Clarifying what research is and providing you with definitions for the many research types.

Introduction to... Evaluation

Contains the purposes of evaluation, definitions, glossary of terms, electronic discussion lists and the guidelines for conducting evaluations

Introduction to... Evidence-informed health policy

Evidence-informed health policy is part of a general trend towards incorporating research evidence in policy decision-making. As with evidence- based medicine, the aim is to improve outcomes and cost-effectiveness by implementing practices that are supported by the best available evidence.

Introduction to... Formulating a research question

All research starts with a question. The research question is a formal, precise statement of what you want to know. This guide explains why it is important to formulate a good research question and summarises some of the key factors to consider.

Introduction to... Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange is the dynamic process of making the best use of research evidence and knowledge to inform policy and practice. This Guide outlines key developments within the field of knowledge exchange to influence policy and inform practice in primary health care.

Introduction to... Knowledge Management

Providing you with definitions of knowledge management along with articles, reports and websites relevant to this area

Introduction to... Knowledge translation

Researchers are encouraged to actively disseminate their work and there has been a drive to increase the uptake of research by policy makers. This Guide outlines some emerging developments within the field of knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) to support policy making in health.

Introduction to... Longitudinal studies

Containing information about Australian primary health care longitudinal studies, definitions of longitudinal studies, its disadvantages and advantages, information for those wanting to conduct a longitudinal study as well as information on how to access the databases and findings of such studies

Introduction to... Medicare Locals

Provides information about documents and websites that focus on the establishment of Medicare Locals, the Australian Medicare Local Alliance and links to key resources.

Introduction to... Mentoring

The Primary Health Care Research Evaluation and Development Strategy (PHCRED) supports primary health care providers to develop high quality research and evaluation knowledge and skills. One of the many ways this is being achieved is through mentoring. This Guide lists key information about mentori…

Introduction to... Needs assessments in primary health care

Reflects on needs assessments in primary health care in Australia and internationally.

Introduction to... Nursing and primary health care

Provides information on the role of Australian nurses in providing PHC as part of a reformed health system. It outlines recent developments to the role and activities of nurses in Australian PHC programs and worthwhile readings.

Introduction to... Nursing in General Practice

Includes definitions, position statements, suggested reading, nursing journals and research along with other activities addressing nursing in general practice.

Introduction to... Plain language

Plain language improves communication by using clear terms that are easily understood. This guide provides you with tips on using plain language to reach your audience.

Introduction to... Practice-Based Research Networks

Contains definitions, aims and literature about Practice-Based Research Networks as well as a list of Practice-Based Research Networks in Australia

Introduction to... Primary Health Care

Includes definitions, position statements and suggested reading about Primary Health Care (PHC).

Introduction to... Primary health care systems

Provides information about and sources of further information on the primary health care systems in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

Introduction to... Primary Health Networks (PHNs)

Provides information on the Australian Primary Health Networks (PHNs), including a gateway to documents, priority area research and news, informative videos and stakeholder views.

Introduction to... Rapid Responses

A Rapid Response is a brief review of evidence related to a specific policy area requested by policymakers, with a view to developing policy that is informed by evidence.

Introduction to... Research dissemination

Dissemination is a term meaning communication, or a flow of information from a source. This Guide explains strategies and provides useful resources for researchers.

Introduction to... Research ethics

Containing guidelines and relevant articles relating to ethical health research as well as highlighting Australian research focusing on ethical issues

Introduction to... Research impact on policy

Researchers and policy makers bring different perspectives to the policy making process. This Guide outlines some key issues for researchers to consider when influencing policy development.

Introduction to... Searching the literature

There are many reasons to search the literature, how do you efficiently find the most appropriate literature to answer your questions? This Guide provides tips on literature sources, search strategies, limits and filters.

Introduction to... Social media in primary health care

Clearly defines key social media terminology and introduces the main social media platforms being used in the primary health care sector to share health information. Also provides links to examples of how others are using social media to engage in health research, policy and clinical practice.

Introduction to... The social determinants of health

This guide provides key definitions of the social determinants of health (SDoH) and the importance of SDoH in all areas of government policy. It also outlines the main models and approaches to SDoH in an Australian, Canadian and European context, and profiles the key thinkers in this field.

Archived Guides

How to... Get the most out of Divisions' data

Divisions' Matters Making Divisions' data work for you The Primary Health Care Research and Information Service (PHCRIS) is involved in the collection and collation of Divisions Network Reporting on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA). Every 12 months Divis…

Introduction to... APHCRI Centres of Research Excellence

CRE's are funded to coordinate innovative, high quality and multidisciplinary research in primary health care policy and system improvement. They pursue collaborative research and develop research capacity in primary health care services on themes aligned with the primary health care reform agenda.

Introduction to... Australian health reform

Provides information, resources and links to key documents relevant to Australian health reform.

Introduction to... Programs delivered through the Divisions' Network

Contains brief descriptions and key PHCRIS Resources on some of the National Programs and Initiatives the Division Network is required to uptake under the National Quality and Performance System (NQPS)

Introduction to... The Aged Care GP Panels Initiative (ACGPPI)

Addresses the aims of the ACGPPI and links to the form required to submit the ACGPPI SDIs

Introduction to... The former Divisions of General Practice

Addressing the issues: What are Divisions? What are Divisions doing? Definition of Rural Divisions and the Role of Divisions of General Practice

Introduction to... The Planning and Reporting Framework

Providing you with details of the Planning and Reporting Framework and directing you to the associated resources

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