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Accessing research

Are you looking for information about how to access or find the research and evidence you need? This collection of Guides offers simple steps on how to find the research you’re looking for, in the format that best suits you.

There are a number of ways in which research is disseminated, including peer reviewed journal publications of novel findings, reported evaluations of programs, policies, products or organisations in the grey literature, and multimedia conference and meeting presentations. Added to this is the increasing use of short social media messages announcing the very latest opinions and research findings as they happen. All of these sources of research information can be used to access and keep up with what is happening in your area of research interest. However, as the quality and reliability of the sources of information vary, it is important to remember that some of the content can be taken as evidence, some as opinion, and some as preliminary information requiring confirmation or further investigation.

The method of dissemination can also affect how up-to-date information is when released. Where time is short but reliability and timeliness of content is important it can be useful to know how to access rapid reviews that are undertaken in a short timeframe, and summarise research on a focused topic.

If you would like to know more about accessing research through different sources please explore the below collection.

Guides in this collection


How to... Access journal articles

Discover ways you can access the full text for health and medical journal articles.


How to... Access journal articles

Discover ways you can access the full text for health and medical journal articles.

How to... Get the most out of conferences

Outlining ways you can enhance the experience of attending conferences

Introduction to... Accessing the Grey Literature

Grey literature is now considered a viable source of reference material in literature reviews but can be hard to find. This guide provides a roadmap to grey literature databases and the appropriate use of 'grey' resources in research.

Introduction to... APHCRI Centres of Research Excellence

CRE's are funded to coordinate innovative, high quality and multidisciplinary research in primary health care policy and system improvement. They pursue collaborative research and develop research capacity in primary health care services on themes aligned with the primary health care reform agenda.

Introduction to... Formulating a research question

All research starts with a question. The research question is a formal, precise statement of what you want to know. This guide explains why it is important to formulate a good research question and summarises some of the key factors to consider.

Introduction to... Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange is the dynamic process of making the best use of research evidence and knowledge to inform policy and practice. This Guide outlines key developments within the field of knowledge exchange to influence policy and inform practice in primary health care.

Introduction to... Rapid Responses

A Rapid Response is a brief review of evidence related to a specific policy area requested by policymakers, with a view to developing policy that is informed by evidence.

Introduction to... Research dissemination

Dissemination is a term meaning communication, or a flow of information from a source. This Guide explains strategies and provides useful resources for researchers.

Introduction to... Research impact on policy

Researchers and policy makers bring different perspectives to the policy making process. This Guide outlines some key issues for researchers to consider when influencing policy development.

Introduction to... Searching the literature

There are many reasons to search the literature, how do you efficiently find the most appropriate literature to answer your questions? This Guide provides tips on literature sources, search strategies, limits and filters.

Introduction to... Social media in primary health care

Clearly defines key social media terminology and introduces the main social media platforms being used in the primary health care sector to share health information. Also provides links to examples of how others are using social media to engage in health research, policy and clinical practice.