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Getting Started Guides and Fact Sheets...

Editorial and Authorship Policy

As it is the PHCRIS mission to provide the most recent and relevant information to its stakeholders, PHCRIS updated its Authorship Policy for Getting Started Guides (formerly infoBytes) and Fact Sheets in November 2014.

Due to the changing nature of the topics these resources cover, keeping information up-to-date is paramount to the value of these products. As a way of ensuring regular updates are not hindered by matters of authorship, it has been decided that both current and former PHCRIS employees will no longer be displayed as authors on PHCRIS Getting Started Guides and Fact Sheets. All authors are, however, acknowledged for their editorial contribution to PHCRIS products below.

The decision to no longer display PHCRIS authors was made inline with the 2014-15 Communications Strategy, to ensure full ownership of, and ongoing editorial control over, all literature produced and published under the PHCRIS name.

For more information about authorship and copyright please read the Australian Government Attorney General’s Quick Guide to Copyright and the Flinders University Library copyright overview.

Getting Started Guides

The suite of Getting Started Guides are the product of a collaborative effort by PHCRIS staff, past and present, external contributors and invited authors and experts.

All titles have been authored and edited by PHCRIS except where otherwise indicated.

Due to the dynamic nature of this suite, it is the policy of PHCRIS to acknowledge current and former employee authorship under the banner of PHCRIS via this policy page. The only exceptions to this relate to the following circumstances:

  • The author was not a PHCRIS employee when contributing to the production of the guide
  • The author was an external expert who reviewed and contributed to the guide
  • The guide was reproduced (with permission) from an external organisation

Current PHCRIS staff who have contributed to this suite include:

Louise Armitage, Lynsey Brown, Petra Bywood, Kylie Dixon, Katrina Erny-Albrecht, Christina Hagger, Fiona Hawkins and Simon Patterson. 

Former PHCRIS staff who have contributed to this suite include:

Kelly Binelli, Amanda Carne, Ellen McIntyre, Olga Anikeeva, Olivia Baird, Mary-Ann Came, Jane Clayton, Sarah Eckermann, Kate Fuller, Fae Heaselgrave, Amy Hoffmann, Ann-Louise Hordacre, Sara Howard, Eleanor Jackson-Bowers, Rachel Katterl, Mikaela Lawrence, Belinda Lowcay, Belinda Lunnay, Ann Magarey, Sheri Millar, Jodie Oliver-Baxter, Melissa Raven, Bradley Smith and Gerhard Winter.

PHCRIS would also like to acknowledge the contribution of the following external authors and reviewers:

Fact Sheets

Hardcopy Fact Sheets, produced from the Getting Started Guide suite have also been authored and edited by PHCRIS, including the following current and former staff members: Olivia Baird, Lynsey Brown, Katrina Erny-Albrecht, Christina Hagger, Fiona Hawkins, Ellen McIntyre, Melissa Raven, Olga Anikeeva, Barbara Beacham, Sheri Cornish, Fae Heaselgrave, Ann-Louise Hordacre, Eleanor Jackson-Bowers, Libby Kalucy, Rachel Katterl, Miriam Keane, Belinda Lowcay, Belinda Lunnay, Ann Magarey, Belinda Martus and Sarah Nisbet.

PHCRIS would like to also acknowledge the contribution of the following authors and reviewers: Tracy Reibel, Paul Aylward, Peter Drake, Elizabeth Osman, Karin Ried, Leigh Roeger, Denise Schultz, Jacque Schroeder, Phyllis Lau, Rob Morrison, Jane Mills and the Flinders University Department of General Practice Writing Group.

Compiled by PHCRIS
Last updated Mon 29 Aug 2016
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