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Divisions Network Reporting

From 1997 to 2012 PHCRIS was involved in the collection and collation of Divisions Network Reporting on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health. The links below provide details of these reporting frameworks and the information available.

Between July 2011 and July 2012 the Australian Government's National Health Reform saw the Divisions of General Practice Network (which at the time included 108 Divisions, six State Based Organisations and the national organisation AGPN) evolve into a network of Medicare Locals. Medicare Locals are primary health care organisations established to coordinate primary health care delivery and tackle local health care needs and service gaps. For information about documents and websites that focus on the process of establishing Medicare Locals and the impact of this change on various stakeholders please visit the PHCRIS Getting Started Guide, Medicare Local.

Reporting information

  • Plans, Reports & Summaries (1992-2011)
    All available Division and SBO plans, reports and summaries related to the reporting requirements can be accessed via 'Divisions Network Reporting: Available data'.
  • ASD (1993-1998)
    The Annual Survey of Divisions (ASD) was a comprehensive survey completed by all Divisions of General Practice to collect information on their membership, activities and infrastructure for the requested reporting period. Data from the ASD was presented in a variety of formats to provide valuable information regarding Divisions' activities.
  • NPIs (2008-2010)
    Divisions of General Practice reported on a set of National Performance Indicators (NPIs) as part of their accountability to their funding source. The Divisons Performance Indicator Reports provide a synthesis of the key findings related to specific NPIs.
  • Support pages
    PHCRIS provided support pages to guide Divisions Network members through the stages of producing their program Annual Plans and Reports.
  • About the Framework
    Information about the Divisions Network Planning and Reporting Framework including indicator details and how to submit plans and reports were detailed in the PHCRIS Getting Started Guide, 'Planning and Reporting Framework'.
  • Further data sources
    Reporting information about the Divisions Network with a range of PHCRIS interactive online tools as well as other sources of Division level information are highlighted in the PHCRIS Getting Started Guide, 'Data sources...for the Divisions Network and Primary Health Care'