2015 PHC Research Conference

The 2015 PHC Research Conference was held from 29–31 July 2015 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

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2015 will be a year of major change and opportunity in primary health care (PHC) in Australia. Key elements, such as the transition to primary health networks, as well as outcomes from the mental health services review, will transform the PHC sector. Innovative PHC research is needed to inform the new partnerships, new goals and new benchmarks that will be required for both the sector and the workforce.

A strong, responsive and cost effective health system requires research that is grounded in these realities. It needs to be strategically focused, relevant and timely and agile to meet changing needs. This is achieved by researchers working from the outset with people who will utilise the research. It is not just about the publications. Research needs to matter. It needs to matter to Government, to consumers, to policy and to practice.

The elements of research also matter. Research thrives on ideas, collaborations and teamwork. It requires strong leadership, clear aims and the readiness to share concepts, goals and methodologies to ensure that research remains relevant, adds value and addresses strategic priorities in primary health care.

The central factor was knowledge exchange: engaging consumers, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, health managers, and service providers in informing, conducting, and implementing PHC research.

The PHC Research Conference is the key national opportunity for knowledge exchange and the fostering of integrated networks across the breadth of the health system. At the core of successful integration is effective face to face communication and this conference is the place to commence, develop and continue purposeful conversations to improve PHC outcomes.

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