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2003 GP & PHC Research Conference:
Primary Health Care Research - Evolution or Revolution?

Wednesday 18 June 2003 (Pre-conference workshops)

9.00- 10.00 Registration (Gallery)
Murray Room

Methodological, ethical, logistical and systems issues in Indigenous health research

Mr Michael Morrissey Social Epidemiologist, CRH

Fitzroy Room

Exploring 'evidence' in research about general practice - a dialogue about the 'validity' of interpretive & critical approaches to research

Ms Helen Cheney Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

Ms Erin Wilson Deputy Director, National Rural Faculty, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Derwent Room

Evaluation of Youth Health Programs within Australian Divisions of General Practice

Ms Verity Newnham National Coordinator, National Division Youth Alliance, Australian Divisions of General Practice

1.00- 2.00

Registration (Gallery)
Swan Room

Using quantitative data in general practice research and evaluation - pitfalls in collection, analysis & interpretation

Professor Helena Britt and Dr Graeme Miller AIHW GP Statistics and Classification Unit, Family Medicine Research Centre, University of Sydney

PowerPoint Presentation A

PowerPoint Presentation B

Murray Room

Randomised trials in primary care - tips for success

Primary Care Alliance for Clinical Trials Group including

Assoc Professor Jane Gunn, Dr Marie Pirotta, Assoc Professor Bruce Arroll, Professor Chris Del Mar, Professor Justin Beilby, Ms Patty Chondros

Fitzroy Room

Evaluation of skill mix change in general practice

Professor Bonnie Sibbald Professor of Health Services Research and Deputy Director of National Primary Care Research and Development, University of Manchester, England

Derwent Room

Understanding the shared wisdom in doctor-patient communication

Assoc Professor Barry McGrath Department of Rural Health, The University of Melbourne

Jill Freiberg Faculty of Education, Griffith University

Dr Ruth McNair Department of General Practice, The University of Melbourne

Chris Hogan The Victorian Research Unit, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Ilana Rischin International Student Support Program, The University of Melbourne

Thursday 19 June 2003

General Information
Index of Presenters

Detailed Program (including titles of presentations):

Thursday 19 June 2003
Friday 20 June 2003

Speaker's Biographies
9.00-9.10 Welcome Assoc Prof Libby Kalucy
9.10-9.30 Conference Opening Senator The Hon Kay Patterson
9.30-10.15 Is primary health care research evolving? Chair: Assoc Prof Libby Kalucy

Keynote Address
Nurses in General Practice: An evolution in primary care?

Professor Bonnie Sibbald
10.15-11.00 Keynote Address
General Practice and Primary Health Care Research in Australia - On the Crest of A Wave?
Professor Justin Beilby
11.00-11.30 MORNING TEA
11.30-1.00 Think-tank
Maintaining health or preventing illness: Approaches to primary care
Chair: Prof James Dunbar
Disease management and prevention and primary health care: finding the balance Mr Gawaine Powell Davies
Maintaining health or preventing illness: using depression to explore the evolution of a disease led approach in primary care? Assoc Prof Jane Gunn
Consumer response Ms Kathy Mott
Practitioner response Dr Shiong Tan
Policy maker response

Dr Rob Pegram

1.00-2.00 LUNCH
2.00-3.30 Concurrent Poster Session
Session Chairs
A. PHC Delivery/GP & PHC Workforce Mr Craig Rayner
B. Getting research into practice/Building research capacity Dr Ellen McIntyre
C. Chronic Disease/Integration between PHC providers Prof Doris Young
D. Consumer Issues/Mental Health Assoc Prof Dennis Pashen
Display posters until 4pm in the Ballroom
4.00-5.30 Concurrent Paper Session 1
Session Chairs
A. Building Research Capacity Assoc Prof Liz Farmer
B. Managing Chronic Disease Dr Nicholas Zwar
C. GP & PHC Workforce Dr Rob Pegram
D. Ethics & Equity Dr Jane Sims
E. Mental Health Dr Tori Wade
F. Indigenous Health Prof David Lyle
Celebrating the winter solstice
NCC Ballroom

Friday 20 June 2003

7.45-9.15 Breakfast Session A
Future directions in primary health care: the GPPAC perspective

Dr Jill Maxwell

Breakfast Session B
NHMRC Project Grant Funding-Clarifying the issues
Mr Mick Hoare/Ms Suzanne Northcott
9.30-10.15 Does primary health care research need a revolution? Chair: Ms Rosemary Huxtable
Keynote Address
Frontiers of the revolution: learning from spectacular failure in health promotion
Professor Penny Hawe
10.15-11.00 Keynote Address
Three critical questions: regarding general practice, primary health care and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.
Assoc Prof Ian Anderson
11.00-11.30 MORNING TEA
11.30-1.00 Concurrent paper session 2
Session Chairs
A. GPs in Research Prof Dimity Pond
B. PHC Delivery Dr Grant Russell
C. Integration between PHC providers Dr Bronnie Veale
D. Population Health Ms Rachel Balmanno
E. Consumer Issues Ms Kathy Mott
1.00-2.00 LUNCH
Display posters until 2pm in the Ballroom
2.00-3.30 Plenary session
Primary Health Care: a central strategy for addressing health inequality

Access to quality PHC in Australia: Challenges and Opportunities Ms Liz Harris
Addressing inequalities in New Zealand through the Primary Health Care Strategy Dr John Marwick
Addressing health inequalities in Scotland: the Starting Well demonstration project in child health Dr Wendy Rogers
3.30-4.00 Summary and close Chair: Dr Ellen McIntyre
3.30-3.50 Rapporteur Prof Ian Chubb
3.50-4.00 Close Assoc Prof Libby Kalucy