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PHC Research Conference

PHCRIS organises the annual Primary Health Care Research Conference - a major event in Australian primary health care research, to present research findings, discuss research methodology and policy issues, and build and maintain essential networks between researchers, practitioners, policy makers and representatives of consumer organisations.

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Past PHC Research Conferences

2014 Conference

2014 - Integrating knowledge exchange to improve primary health care outcomes

2013 Conference

2013 - Allies for better primary health care


2012 Conference

2012 - Inform, influence, implement: Research improving policy and practice

2011 Conference

2011 - Inspirations, collaborations, solutions

2010 Conference

2010 - Primary health care research and health reform: Improving care

2009 Conference

2009 - Driving Change

2008 Conference

2008 - Health for All?

2007 Conference

2007 - Working Together

2006 Conference

2006 - Optimising Impact

2005 Conference

2005 - Getting research right for policy and practice

2004 Conference

2004 - What's [not] working? How do we know?

2003 Conference

2003 - PHC Research - Evolution or Revolution?

2002 Conference

2002 - Research - Making a difference to health and health care

2002 Conference

2001: 'Embedding Research in Practice'

GPEP Conferences

  • 2000: Partnerships, Health and Community: General Practice and Primary Health Care in the New Millennium
  • 1999: Pathways to Quality in General Practice
  • 1998: Forging Ahead - Facing the Future
  • 1997: Challenges and Solutions
  • 1996: A 3D Perspective on General Practice Evaluation - Diversity, Divisions and Dissemination
  • 1995: Dissemination



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