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Vision and mission

The Primary Health Care Research & Information Service (PHCRIS) is a national primary health care organisation based in the Discipline of General Practice at Flinders University in South Australia.

PHCRIS is primarily funded under the Primary Health Care Research, Evaluation and Development (PHCRED) Strategy, a national initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health.

First established in 1995 as the National Information Service (NIS) the name was changed in 2001 to Primary Health Care Research and Information Service to better represent PHCRIS’ focus on sharing the latest research and information in the field of primary health care.

PHCRIS generates, manages and shares research, information and knowledge about primary health care to accelerate the impact of research and evidence in policy and practice.

Vision - what we aspire to be

PHCRIS aims to be a leader in sharing information, knowledge and evidence to strengthen Australian primary health care.

Mission - what we do to achieve our vision

PHCRIS excels in working in partnership with our stakeholders in the primary health care community to generate, manage and share quality information, knowledge and evidence that informs and influences policy, practice, research and evaluation.

Goals - what we do to achieve our mission

PHCRIS collaborates with stakeholders to:

  1. provide comprehensive and quality information, knowledge and evidence about primary health care
  2. improve access to quality information, knowledge and evidence about primary health care
  3. facilitate effective exchange of information, knowledge and evidence about primary health care
  4. expand the understanding and practice of knowledge exchange and networking.

Values and principles - how we operate

PHCRIS adheres to and promotes the values of transparency, integrity, respect, trust, innovation, professionalism and responsibility.

PHCRIS is guided by the following principles:

  • we provide high quality information that is valid, relevant, accessible, timely, comprehensive and tailored.
  • we involve potential users in our data collection, research and evaluation to optimise the value and maximise uptake of findings.
  • our partnerships are based on respectful reciprocal relationships.
  • we undertake continuous quality improvement through consultation and evaluation
  • we provide opportunities for dialogue and discussion within our team and among our stakeholders
  • we actively contribute to the Flinders university community

Collaborators - who we work with

Our collaborators comprise:

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