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Dr Christina Hagger

BA (Hons), MBA, PhD


Senior Research Fellow and Knowledge Exchange (KE) Manager

Contact details

Phone: 08 7221 8531

Brief biography

Christina's primary responsibility is expanding awareness of the value of research as a resource to be utilised to improve health care outcomes. She promotes a Knowledge Exchange (KE) mindset that encourages researchers to engage with research users from the outset to inform their research directions, dissemination strategies and ongoing work.

She has an extensive background in capacity building, including designing and convening knowledge exchange activities and events. These include her role as convenor of the renowned annual, national PHC Research Conference as well as public forums and tailored strategic meetings. Innovative examples include the Policy Research Conversation introduced as an interchange circuit between senior researchers, policy makers and other research users. Another initiative is the capacity building KE workshop for higher degree students and early career researchers. This was driven by her concern that, despite the growing recognition of the value of a KE perspective, emerging career researchers rarely receive training about the value of working effectively with research users to help their research have an impact.

Christina's systems wide perspective fostered her interest in developing a national network of people working in the field of knowledge exchange to improve the utilisation of research in policy and practice. As a result she is co-convenor of the national KERTI [KE knowledge exchange; RT research translation; I implementation] network. This is a collaboration of people with a shared vision of advancing the fields of knowledge exchange, research translation and implementation to ensure more effective utilisation of relevant research and evidence by research users to improve health care outcomes.

Aside from face-to-face events, Christina uses innovative technology to effectively bring people and ideas together. She utilises a range of strategies including web-based communication, on-line forums and YouTube, as well as writing for a range of audiences via blogs, formal reports and newsletters.

Christina’s innovative approach to KE is drawn from an unique blend of perspectives that integrate her former experience working as a policy advisor in the State Health system with her comprehensive background in qualitative research. She has a strong interest in communications as well as systems change, particularly the power of organisational cultures as inhibiting or enabling triggers for individual behaviour that was developed during her studies for the Master of Business Administration.


Visit Christina's Research Profile for details of her research activities (including current projects, publications and PHC Research Conference abstract submissions).

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