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As it has been PHCRIS' mission over the past 20 years to share the latest primary health care research and information with its stakeholders, the PHCRIS website has become a repository for over two decades of insightful historical literature on primary health care.

The following archive links allow users to delve into the hollows of PHCRIS' extensive library, which includes past articles and presentations, past research activities, past PHCRIS publications and a number of other useful resource pages exploring the history of the primary health care industry and its organisations.


  • PHCRIS was active in health-related evidence synthesis from 2006 to 2016. Publicly available synthesis include: RESEARCH ROUNDup, Policy Issue Review & Expert Plus.
  • Snapshot articles highlighting practice and policy relevant primary health care research projects and findings, published from 2008-2015.
  • Annual Reports summarising PHCRIS activities and achievements, published in both HTML and PDF from 2002-2015. Reports of activities for 1998 to 2001 are also available.
  • PHCRIS eBulletin (2004-14) A weekly information service that delivered primary health care news straight to your inbox. Replaced in 2015 by ‘This Week in PHC’.
  • PHCRIS infonet (2000-14) A bi-monthly newsletter designed to inform, influence and enhance primary health care practice, policy and research. Replaced in 2015 by 'This Week in PHC'.
  • FOCUS on... formerly JournalWatch (2000-07) Summarising examples of key recent research findings identified by the authors with the aim of informing primary health care policy in Australia.

Research activities

View details of research activities undertaken by PHCRIS to generate, manage and share information and knowledge informing, influencing and enhancing Australian primary health care practice, policy and research between 2002 and 2013.

Division Network Reporting

From 1997 to 2012 PHCRIS was involved in the collection and collation of Divisions Network Reporting on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health. View details of these reporting frameworks and the information available.

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